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Steve and Jessie met. They discovered that they make beautiful music together, so they got married and started a band called Calafia Stones.


Steve and Jessie Hennings are Calafia Stones. With a tasteful mix of smooth guitar licks, upright bass slaps and sultry blues vocals, Calafia Stones manages to sit in a musical pocket all their own. Born, raised, and formed on Southern California Coastlines, the band remains truthful to the free-spirited vibe that resonates in the artistry of the area in every song.

Growing up in San Clemente, CA, Steve could ride a skateboard more gracefully than he could walk, which landed him sponsors and skate tours with Tony Hawk. Even more innate was his natural talent on the guitar, teaching himself to play by listening to Buddy Guy tapes. This led him to playing in a swing/jazz/blues trio where he played at countless parties, weddings, and special events.

Jessie preferred to keep her voice and guitar playing a treat for intimate settings like coffee shops and small social gatherings. Picking up the guitar when she was a little girl led to many nights of learning and playing old folk songs, CCR, and Bob Dylan with her dad. Her passion for music was ignited from playing Neil Young songs in Idaho with her aunt and uncle. She began writing her own songs and played in a folk band called Shay Jelly.

When Steve and Jessie met, their love for music grew even more. They spent their first summer of marriage traveling and playing music in the Canary Islands. Since then, Calafia Stones has continuously sought out music-hungry crowds to entertain. Their addiction to playing for an audience and entertaining is contagious – when you experience them live, you will be swept up in their passionate ability to bring out the musical talent deep within. You will find yourself jamming along and discovering beats you never knew you had. Calafia Stones’ motto: no wrong notes.